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Pre-Trib's Causes for Pauses

Many of this Author's closest friends were students at a Pre-Trib University in Chattanooga Tennessee. They were firm believers in Pre-Tribulation Dispensationalism. They staunchly believed the Church will be, "Raptured" before the Tribulation. They were well able to articulate their views, so, in 1981, this Author began carefully studying Pre-Trib. One Pre-Trib friend recommended a Text Book used by his school. After purchasing the Book, "Things to Come" by Dwight Pentecost, and purchasing a  King James Scofield Study Bible, and carefully examining each, a great many, "Causes to Pause," emerged. In this Blogsite, we'll examine only 12.  Pre-Trib is becoming Christianity's most popular interpretation of End-Time Events, thus we should give it consideration.

If the Reader is a Pre-Trib Minister, when you finish this Blogsite, you may want to examine an expanded Blogsite designed especially for you. It covers these 12 subjects, and an additional 52 more Questions similar to these. The Blogsite is called, "Dear Pastor, Have You Pondered These 64 Questions?" If the Reader is not a Minister, but has carefully studied Pre-Trib and has some Un-Answered and Un-Answerable Questions, check our Blogsite called, "Pre-Trib's 64 Un-Answered and Un-Answerable Questions. In both Sites we cover the same 64 serious, "Causes for Pauses." The Blogsite, "Who's Taken - Who's Left Behind" explores how Pre-Trib has completely reversed the words of Jesus when He said,  "One shall be Taken and the other Left." Pre-Trib says the, "LEFT BEHIND" people Jesus referred to are the Righteous, and the, "Taken" are the lost people. Believe it or not, this is what Pre-Trib teaches, and we show documented proof that this is the official position of Pre-Trib. The documentation comes directly from official Pro-Pre-Trib sources!!

 "Why Jesus Waits" is our Blogsite offering proof from Scripture as to why Jesus has not returned yet! Jesus said when all the Nations of the World WITNESS His people (His Church)(His Bride) reflecting His character, He will then return and, "then shall the end come" (Matt.24:14)! Instead of acting like the, "Bride of Christ," much of the world has been seeing Christians more like, "Bridezillas!" Let's now examine 12 "Causes for Pauses."

Cause for Pause 1 - "Kingdom Prepared from the Foundation of the World"
Pre-Trib Theory says that, at His Second Coming, Jesus will say, "Come ye Blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom Prepared from the Foundation of the World" (Matt.25:34). We can know for certainty that a Kingdom worthy to be called, "Prepared from the Foundation of the World," will be grand and glorious far beyond our imagination. If this Kingdom will be New Jerusalem, the description will fit perfectly. If this Kingdom will be the, "New Heavens and New Earth" (Isa.65:17and 66:22; 2Pet.3:13; Rev.21:1), promised throughout Scripture, then the description will also fit perfectly. But, Pre-Trib says the, "Kingdom"Jesus referred to will be Planet Earth immediately after His Second Coming. Pre-Trib recognizes that when Jesus comes at His Second Coming, Planet Earth will be in it's absolute WORST, most devastated condition EVER. The Bible clearly teaches that Earth will be annihilated by the most massive worldwide earthquake in the history of the planet (Rev.16:18), and that this earthquake will be accompanied by seven worldwide plagues. Pre-Trib agrees that Scripture describes all of this massive devastation occurring just prior to Christ's "Second Coming" (see Rev.16). Such devastation will leave billions of dead bodies literally piled in the streets of EVERY city on earth as well as carcasses scattered throughout the countrysides (Isa.34:3; Jer.25:33)! The plagues will cause all lakes, rivers, and streams to be, "as the blood of dead men" (Rev.16:3-7). The entire planet will be a gross pile of rubbish. Multiply the carnage of New York's Twin Towers after 9/11/2001 by a million, and we can see a small sample of Planet Earth's condition at this time. Is it a, "Cause for Pause," that advocates of Pre-Trib, even though they recognize the reality of the above, still maintain their view concerning the Kingdom of God?  Possibly they've never stopped and considered this! We have searched for a Pre-Trib advocate that has explained this perplexing discrepancy, but as yet have found none.  If the Reader is aware of any, please let us know. 

"Prepared for You"
So, what is really God's, "Kingdom Prepared from the Foundation of the World?" Underscore, "PREPARED," because the very next night after Jesus told His Disciples about the, "Kingdom PREPARED from the foundation of the World," He told them again about a place He was going to, "Prepare." He said, "I go to Prepare a place for My Father's House" (See Jn.14:1-3)! Jesus will take His people to that place He prepared for them.  In our Blogsite, "God's Millennial Kingdom," we show from the Bible that there cannot be a Paradise/Kingdom here on earth during the Millennium. When Jesus offers, "the Blessed of His Father a Kingdom," it will be a real Kingdom, not a planet covered with billions of dead carcasses and totally demolished from plagues and worldwide earthquakes!! 

The Bride of Christ 
All of the above should make it clear that Jesus will not offer, "the Blessed of His Father," this devastated planet as "the Kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the world." Pre-Trib claims that Jesus will be dealing with two separate groups of saved people at His Second Coming. Pre-Trib says one group will be His Church, which is His Bride that He took to Heaven seven years prior to His Second Coming. The other saved group, says Pre-Trib, are the Jews that converted to Christians during the Tribulation. So, if Pre-Trib is correct about these two groups, which group really is the, "Blessed of His Father?" Let's look at the Jews that Pre-Trib says will be the "Blessed of His Father." According to Pre-Trib, the sole purpose of a, "Millennial Kingdom on Earth," will be to fulfill the promises made to the Jews during Old Testament Times.  Using Pre-Trib's version of these Jews, let's see how Pre-Trib says they become Christian Believers. Pre-Trib says that all of the Jews that will receive this special honor and this special Kingdom will be completely rejecting Jesus as Messiah when Jesus comes to take His people to Heaven, thus, all of those Jews will be, "Left Behind," at the Rapture. In spite of Evangelical Ministers and TV Evangelists devoting all of their time and energy to telling the whole world about Jesus being the Messiah, these Jews will continue to completely reject Jesus. Some high profile Pre-Trib TV Ministers devote their entire Churches to promoting this earthly Jewish Kingdom.

Obvious Question              
     So, let's ask the obvious question. If Pre-Trib is correct, which of the 2 groups would be most qualified to be the, "Blessed of Christ's Father?" Would it be those who accepted Jesus as their Savior and Messiah before He came to take His people to the, "Place He Prepared for them," or, would it be those who, in spite evangelical's efforts, rejected Jesus as Savior and Messiah until after He came? This is a serious Cause for a Pause. The Bible is actually very clear that all of the Redeemed from Adam till Christ's Second Coming will be in the group, "Blessed of His Father." If we accept this as Bible Truth, there are no Un-Answerable Questions or Pauses for Causes. For a complete look at this, see our Blogsites  - "Christ's Millennial Kingdom" and "Satan's Millennial Bottomless Pit." We show that, Earth, in it's devastated condition after Jesus Comes, will be Satan's Prison; his "Bottomless Pit" for 1000 years, not a Kingdom/Paradise. We also show from Scripture that the sun will cease to shine during the Millennium, thus Earth will become a Frozen Planet!

 Cause for Pause 2 - Second Chance
Pre-Trib says that after Jesus comes to take His Church to Heaven, the people "Left Behind" on Earth have a "second chance" to "Get Saved." However, Jesus told John that,  sometime before He comes back to take His people to the, "Place He Prepared for them" (SeeJn.14:1-3), He will make the following declaration: "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still, and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still" (Rev.22:11). Immediately after instructing John to write the above, Jesus said, "And, behold I come Quickly, and My Reward is with Me, to give to EVERY man according as his work shall be" (Rev.22:12). So, when Jesus, "Comes Quickly," (Pre-Trib would call this the Rapture), and His "Reward is with Him to give to every man," it is obvious that there will not be anyone changing his or her evil ways and becoming a believer in Jesus after He, "Comes Quickly." And, since Jesus will be, "Rewarding every man," when He "Comes Quickly," it is very obvious we have several more Causes for Pauses. Can we not see from the very words of Jesus that there's no Second Chance for people who'll be "Left Behind" after He "Comes Quickly," to take His people to the, "Place He Prepared for them?" Every Pre-Trib sermon about the Rapture always proclaims that there are no more "Signs of Christ's Coming" that must occur before He comes. The word "Imminent" is a key Pre-Trib word, thus when we read, "Behold I come Quickly," Pre-Trib has no choice but to call this the Rapture.  By combining this with the first Cause for Pause, it should be clear that no Jews or anyone else will be converting into Christians after Jesus comes. For more, see- "Pre-Trib Rapture"

 Cause for Pause 3 - Who's "LEFT BEHIND?"
 All Pre-Trib Rapture sermons repeatedly quote, "One shall be taken. and the other left" Matt.24:40-41; Lk.17:34-36). Pre-Trib says there'll be 2 Phases when Jesus comes; a Rapture, then 7 years later, the Second Coming. Pre-trib says that when Jesus comes at His Second Coming, the bad people are "Taken" and the good people are "Left." Surprised? If the Reader is a Pre-Trib Minister or a layman that has studied Pre-Trib carefully, you know this is exactly the Pre-Trib doctrine. If the Reader is unfamiliar with this, ask your Minister or go to the Internet and do a search. There are millions of Pre-Trib Christians that have no idea that their view of, "One shall be taken and the other left" (actually is that the bad people are, "Taken" and the good people are "Left Behind." You thought your Pre-Trib College Professors taught that the, "LEFT Behind" people were the bad guys! Not so, and do these Professors deny it? Do Pastors who've gone to Pre-Trib Colleges and Universities deny it? Not at all. This is a BIG Cause for a Pause! A quick look at just a few words from Jesus will clearly reveal who is really taken and who is, "Left Behind." Before Jesus said, "Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left," He said, "And He shall send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together His Elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other" (Matt.24:31). From these words of Jesus, it is completely clear who is "Taken." It will be of course, His Elect; the good guys! So, we actually have two, "Causes for Pauses." One is the fact that the benchmark Pre-Trib Scripture used continually in Pre-Trib sermons, books, and movies, according to Pre-Trib, declares the complete opposite from what Pre-Trib uses it for. The very title of millions of books written by promoters of Pre-Trib says, according to Pre-Trib, the opposite from what the authors declare. The other "Cause for a Pause," is the fact that Pre-Trib has gone to all that effort to reverse the "Taken" and the "Left," in spite of the words of Jesus. Is it essential that we understand who's taken and who's left behind. It is absolutely, because unless we have this correct, our whole understanding of the Millennium and end time events become confused. For a deeper look at this with documentation, see our Blogsite, "Who is Left Behind

Cause for Pause 4 Paul's LAST Trumpet
 Paul said that when Jesus comes to take his people to Heaven, there'll be the sound of, "The Last Trump" (1Cor.15:51-52). Underscore, "Last." Pre-Trib says that 7 years after the trumpet Paul wrote about, there'll be another trumpet exactly the same that also resurrects different righteous people. According to Pre-Trib, Paul is writing about the Rapture, an event that they say occurs seven years before Christ's Second Coming. In other words, Pre-Trib declares that there'll be two Trumpets separated by seven years. In order to get the "Pause for Cause" here, let's look at another Bible Verse that Pre-Trib says is absolutely a Rapture Text: "For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with the Trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first; Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air, ans so shall we ever be with the Lord" (1Thess.4:16-17).  Now let's look at what Jesus said would happen at His Second Coming. If both of these Bible Verses are describing the same event, there is no controversy and no "Cause for a Pause." But, if we try to say the following is describing an event that occurs seven years after the event Paul describes with the words, "Last Trump," there'll be a problem: "They shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And He shall send His angels with a great sound of a Trumpet, and they shall gather together His Elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other" (Matt.24:30-31).   Pre-Trib wishes Paul had said, "The next to the last Trumpet." Paul wrote what the Holy Spirit told him to write. See "Is There REALLY a Pre-Tribulation Rapture?"
  Cause for Pause 5 – Mortals in God's Kingdom?

Pre-Trib says that all of the Jews inheriting the "Kingdom of God" and all of the people of the other nations granted entrance into that Kingdom will still be in their "Flesh and Blood" bodies much the same as we all are today. It says humans will be healthy and live longer because Satan is in his Bottomless Pit. Some Pre-Trib believers declare that none of mortal people entering the Millennium will die, even some may be old when the Kingdom begins. Actually they have no choice but to take this position because they base their view on Matthew 25 where Jesus separates the Sheep from the Goats. Following is the text they must use: "And these (the people Jesus calls the Goats) shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the Righteous (the Sheep) into life eternal" (Matt.25:46). Pre-Trib says these "Sheep," or the "Righteous," people, enter the Millennial Kingdom already possessing "Life Eternal." They actually have no choice but to take this view because Jesus said it. So, here we have a, "Cause to Pause." Pre-Trib says that all of the people entering the Kingdom are still mortals, yet they posses eternal life, but they still marry and give in marriage, and bear children, and their children grow up and bear more children. Seriously, is this Biblical possible. We can already see that the words of Jesus do not seem to match the Pre-Trib view, now let's see what Paul says.

Paul - Mortals CANNOT be in God's Kingdom
"Flesh and Blood (mortals) CANNOT inherit the Kingdom of God" (1Cor.15:50). If Pre-Trib says that EVERYONE inheriting the Kingdom will still be in their, "flesh and blood," mortal bodies, and Paul says "no" and Jesus says "no," and all Bible Prophets say NO, is this a Cause for a Pause? Does Pre-Trib deny that it declares mortals and sinners will be in God's Kingdom? Their Study Bibles and Textbooks document exactly this. 

Disclaimer: We always want to be fair, so we must reveal that Pre-Trib Promoters are divided as to whether ALL people within the Kingdom of God are still in their mortal bodies. A few Pre-Trib promoters say both mortals and immortals will be in the Kingdom. All Pre-Trib promoters, however, claim that the majority of those living in God's Kingdom will be mortals. Either way, Paul said "Flesh and Blood CANNOT inherit the Kingdom of God" (1Cor.15:50). Confused? We'll cover all of this, in our Websites - "God's Millennial Kingdom" and "Is There a Pre-Tribulation Rapture?" 

Pause for Cause 6 - Sinners in God's Kingdom
Pre-Trib says sinners, bad sinners, will live in God's Kingdom for a thousand years. But Jesus said NO SINNERS will EVER inherit, enter, or even see God's Kingdom. If Jesus actually said these things, we have a serious Cause for a BIG Pause! The following is what Jesus said: "Verily, verily I say unto you, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God" (Jn.3:3). Underscore see. Pre-Trib says the Jews will inherit the Kingdom, and other nations will enter it with them. But according to Jesus, not only will there not be any people in His Kingdom that have not been "Born again," such persons cannot even see it.  Let's look at what else Jesus said about sinners in His Kingdom: "Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matt.18:3).
On several occasions Jesus made it abundantly clear that no unconverted sinners will ever inherit, enter, or even see His Kingdom. Let's look at what Paul said:
Paul's Answer
Paul wrote "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God" (1 cor.6:9)? Also, "I have told you in times past that they that do such things (Paul had just made a large list of sins) shall not inherit the Kingdom of God" (Gal.5:21).

Pre-Trib's Answer
Pre-Trib actually has an answer, but, instead of their answer helping their position, it actually does the opposite. In the Scofield Footnotes under Matthew 6:33, they say that the Kingdom God and the Kingdom of Heaven usually refer to the same Kingdom. And, they say, in most cases the reference is to a Millennial Kingdom here on earth. But, they say, the Kingdom of God is sometimes a reference to the fact that God is King over this earth in its present condition, and sometimes a reference to the fact that God is, has been, and will always be sovereign over the entire Universe. So, looking back on our texts from Jesus and Paul, we can know that neither Jesus or Paul was saying that sinners cannot inherit, enter, or see God's Kingdom in this present age, because, sinners are presently her among us most definitely. So, by using Pre-Trib's claim that the Kingdom of God is a direct reference to a Millennial Kingdom here on earth filled with mortals and eventually sinners, it is plain to see that Jesus and Paul have completely denied any possibility of sinners being in God's Kingdom any time. 

Gog and Magog
 Pre-Trib has a question that seems to force their version of the Millennial Kingdom to be true, even though sinners might not be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God, and even though everyone entering the Kingdom may have been given, "Life Eternal" (See Matt.25:46). Their question is, "How else can Satan assemble an army at the end of the thousand years, "the number of whom is as the sands of the sea" (Rev.20:8)? It's a great question, and it would appear Pre-Trib has stumped us. They say that the people entering the Millennial Kingdom bear children, and their children bear children, and so on throughout the thousand years. The Bible answers Pre-Trib's question, but be prepared for a surprise. Let's first look at some more evidence about marriage and children in Pause # 5.

Cause for Pause 7 - Marriage and Children in the Kingdom
 Pre-Trib says there'll be "Marriage and giving in marriage" in God's Kingdom. But, Jesus said "They who shall be accounted worthy to obtain that age, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage" (Lk.20:35). Was Jesus only referring to people resurrected from the dead? No, because He said, "They who shall be accounted worthy to obtain the next AGE." Pre-Trib could squeeze out from this text that Jesus was only referring to those who have died and then resurrected, but if we examine all of the other evidence, it is clear that Jesus is referencing all who enter the next age, living and resurrected. Pre-Trib correctly says the "Next Age" is the Kingdom of God, so when we combine His words here with His words in the previous section, it should be clear that marriage and children will not be happening in God's Kingdom.  

Cause for Pause 8 – Priests in God's Millennial Kingdom
Pre-Trib says Millennial Priests must be specifically from the Tribe of Levy, and specifically from the Priest Zadok. John, however, says the Priests during the 1000 years will come from, "Every kindred, nation, tongue, and people" (Rev.5:9). Of course John is correct, thus, the fact that Pre-Trib is in direct conflict with John is a Cause for Pause. This is only one of over eight Causes for Pauses found in Pre-Trib's interpretation of Ezekiel's Temple Vision. There is a matter of animal sacrificing. Will God once again require the Jews to do this? For eight of the most powerful Causes for Pauses see - "Ezekiel's Millennial Temple Vision - Is It Millennium

Cause for Pause 9 – Gog and Magog
 So, the Bible clearly says there will be no mortals or sinners entering the Kingdom of God. No
mortals eliminates any possibility of marriage and child births, but the Bible is also very clear that Satan will have an army at the end of the Millennium, "the number of whom is as the sands of the sea" (Rev.20:8). So we have another "Cause for a Pause," which creates an apparent Dilemma! We can continue holding to Pre-Trib's version of events during and at the end of the Millennium. But, that view makes it appear that the Bible contradicts its self, and that Jesus and Paul were incorrect when they stated that sinners and mortals will not exist in God's Kingdom. Our other choice is to examine the Bible evidence and accept whatever we find. Let's do the latter. 
Events Ending the Millennium
If we list all of the events that John was shown occurring at the end of the thousand years, we might have the answer. Let's do it, keeping in mind that Bible writers almost never list prophetic events in chronological order:
  • "New Jerusalem comes down from heaven" (Rev.21:2).
  • "Satan is loosed from his prison (Bottomless Pit)"(Rev.20:7).
  • "Great White Throne Judgment is Set up" (Rev.20:11).
  • "Wicked Dead are Resurrected" (Rev.20:13).
  • "Satan goes to deceive nations - Gog and Magog" (Rev.20:8).
  • "Satan's army surrounds the Holy City" (Rev.20:9 first part). 
  • "Resurrected dead (Satan's Army) are judged" (Rev.20:13).
  • "Fire from God devours lost wicked" (Rev.20:9 last part).
  • "Death and Hell are cast into lake of fire" (Rev.20:14).
  • "Jesus 'Creates New Earth' in which dwells Righteousness" (Rev.21:1, Isa.65:17, 2Pet.3:13).
  • Eternity  
Our Reader might object, saying that the above does not list the events the same as John lists them. The objection will be solved by reading from John's account the texts about the lost wicked being resurrected, judged, and then cast into the lake of fire. John used a method common throughout Scripture. Prophets often wrote an overview, then went back to fill in the details. Following the chronological order we've listed above, everything makes sense. There are no contradictions in Bible accounts, and, this allows Jesus, John, and Paul to be in complete agreement with all other Bible Prophecy, thus, there are no, "Causes for Pauses." Throughout the Bible there is overwhelming evidence that verifies the above order of events, even a passage in Isaiah that clearly says Satan's army will come from the "Dead" who are in "Hell" (Sheol). Let's look.

  "Hell (Sheol)(the Grave) from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming; it STIRRETH up the DEAD for thee, even ALL the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou become as weak as we? Art thou become like us? Thy pomp is brought down to hell (Sheol), and the noise of thy viols; the worm (maggot) is spread over thee and the worms (maggots) cover thee. How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer" (Isa.14:9-12). We have a Blogsite documenting dozens of Scriptures that leave no doubt about how the Millennium will come to a close. See Gog and Magog.

Cause for Pause 10 - Millennial Kingdom's End?
If Pre-Trib is correct about the Kingdom of God being also called the, Millennial Kingdom, they have created a serious, Cause for a Pause! Millennial means thousand, then, by its very definition, according to Pre-Trib, it must end after a thousand years. A huge number of Scriptures must be Revised, Reversed, and even Rejected outright, in order to place a Millennial Kingdom here on earth after Jesus comes. Actually, nowhere in Scripture will you see the words, "Millennial Kingdom" or even, Thousand Year Kingdom. But, we do find the words, "Everlasting Kingdom" many times. John wrote something that SOUNDS like it might be a Millennial Kingdom: "And they [those who were killed because they refused to worship the Beast/Antichrist during the Tribulation] lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years" (Rev.20:4). The context shows that John mentioned a thousand years to show that some major (literally Earth-shattering) events will occur at the end of the first thousand  years of Christ's Everlasting Kingdom. He said:
1 - The wicked dead will be resurrected (Rev.20:12-13).
2 - Satan will gather these resurrected wicked into an massive army, "the number of whom is as the sands of the sea" (Rev.20:8)!
3 - John saw that, at that at the same time Satan gathers his army, New Jerusalem "comes down from God out of Heaven" (Rev.21:2-first part).

So, the Kingdom of God doesn't end, it comes down from God out of heaven, and relocates here on earth. It continues uninterrupted, EVERLASTING.

The Kingdom of God is New Jerusalem and it is FOREVER! Those "Mansions" Jesus went to Heaven to "Prepare for His people" are located in New Jerusalem and will be undisturbed! When Jesus said "In My Father's House are many Mansions," His actual words in the original language was, "In My Father's House are MANY ROOMS," meaning it was VERY, VERY BIG! Big Indeed!! It's HUGE!! John said it's 1364 miles across; North to South and East to West! It's also 1364 miles tall!! New Jerusalem could cover half of the United States!! Inside New Jerusalem Jesus "Prepared a place" for His people (Jn.14:1-3). So, New Jerusalem is the "Kingdom PREPARED for them from the Foundation of the world" (Matt.25:34)!! John saw New Jerusalem, "Prepared as a Bride adorned for her Husband" (Rev.21:2-last part)! New Jerusalem is the Everlasting Home of the Bride of Christ in His EVERLASTING Kingdom and it remains their home FOREVER and EVER!! After the 1000 years, the Bride, in New Jerusalem, comes down to earth, God sits in His Great White Throne Judgment, after which "fire comes down from God out of heaven and devours the wicked" (Rev.20:9)! Referring to this same Judgment Day. Peter wrote, "One day with the Lord is as a 1000 years, and a 1000 years is as one day" (2Pet.3:8)! Immediately after he wrote this, Peter prophesied: "The Day of the Lord [the 1000 year Day of the Lord, the Millennium] will come as a thief in the night, in the which [at the end of which] the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat; the earth also, and the works that are in it shall be burned up" (2Pet.3:10 see also Mal.4:1)!! Earth ABSOLUTELY has an end!! New Jerusalem does not!!

After this earth is purified by fire, God creates a, "New Heaven and a New Earth" (Rev.21:1; Isa.66:22; 2Pet.3:13)! The Bible even tells exactly where New Jerusalem sits on this New Earth! See New Jerusalem - When and Where and Gog and Magog. We'll give you a hint!! It sits exactly where Old Jerusalem sits now, but because of it's size, 1364 miles in every direction, it will cover 8 of the countries around the present earthly Jerusalem!!! Ezekiel explains all of this, and in doing so, he reveals the size and location of New Jerusalem. He names the 8 countries upon which New Jerusalem sits! Again, that's Websites "Gog and Magog" and New Jerusalem.

Earth Destroyed By Fire!
Pre-Trib's interpretation of God's Kingdom has no place to put Scripture's description of the total burning destruction of Earth. One Pre-Trib TV Minister declares weekly on his broadcast that earth will NEVER be destroyed by fire. The Bible says it will, and clearly places the massive fire at the end of the 1000 years. Everything makes perfect sense and there are no Scripture contradictions when we let the Bible say what it really says and do not tweak it to fit our Theories! For more on this fiery destruction, see "Christ's Millennial Kingdom" and "Satan's Bottomless Pit Kingdom" These Website titles can be mis-leading. Christ's Kingdom is FOREVER, not Millennial. Satan's, however, is Millennial and ends when Jesus destroys Earth with Fire!! We want to be respectful, but, reversing, revising, and rejecting Scripture is Satan's "Weapon of Mass Distraction!" See "Will Earth Be Destroyed By Fire?

Cause For Pause 11 - Antichrist's Name and Mark
Pre-Trib teaches that Antichrist cannot appear on the world scene, or begin inflicting his Mark of the Beast until after the Church is Raptured to Heaven. It would take a large book to cover all of the, "Causes for Pauses" Pre-Trib faces concerning Antichrist.  Pre-Trib books, even College and University Textbooks, discuss only a very small portion of the warnings about Antichrist that are easily found in Scripture. Here we'll focus mainly on Paul's use of the words "Anomos" and "Anomia" in 2 Thessalonians 2. Not only did Paul use these words clearly identifying Antichrist's work and probably his Mark of the Beast, he also made it abundantly clear that Antichrist would do his evil work before Jesus comes to take His people to Heaven. 

 Concerning the, "the coming of our Lord, and our gathering together unto Him"(2Thess.2:1), Paul wrote, "Let no man deceive you by any means; for that day shall not come, except there come a (the) falling away first, and that man of sin (man of Anomos) be revealed the son of perdition" (Vs.3). Paul clearly says Jesus will come after Antichrist is revealed and defeated. Further in his letter, Paul wrote, "For the Mystery of Iniquity (Mystery of Anomos) doth already work" (Vs.7,first part). Pre-Trib's very name clearly states that Jesus will come before Antichrist. If Paul says "after," and Pre-Trib says "before," this is a serious, "Cause for a Pause."

If we look up the meaning of, "Anomos" and "Anomia," we will discover the name Paul called Anomos. This may also help us know his Mark of the Beast!  Strong's Concordance identifies "Anomos" and "Anomia" as "Lawless" and "Lawlessness." Strong's also makes it clear that the "Law" in those words is not just any Law, but it's the Law God gave Moses at Sinai. "Anomos" is not a name like Bob or Bill, but a name possibly describing Antichrist's "Mark of the Beast?" Anomos is from the same word as, "Animosity" and "Anomaly."  Paul called Antichrist "The Law Annuller," or "The Lawless One," so, why do Popular Preachers ignore this and speculate as to what the Mark is? Why do they say it could be a tattoo, credit card, SS number, or computer chip implant? Why not just tell us what Paul said and let us connect the dots? Pre-Trib's, "Cause for Pause" here has to do with their connection to Dispensationalism. Pre-Trib is bassed on the view that we now live in the Dispensation called "The Grace Dispensation." The fundamental Pre-Trib Dispensational position concerning God's Law is that, during this so called, "Grace Dispensation," Grace takes precedents over the Law. Pre-Trib says that, after the Rapture, the Law is restored to the state it had during the "Law Dispensation," the time period from Moses till Christ's death. 

Paul's Position on Antichrist and God's Law
If Paul truly did say that Jesus will not return until after Antichrist is revealed, and if Paul truly called Antichrist "Anomos," and the, "Mystery of Anomia," then the Popular doctrine of, "Grace Frees us from God's Law," is just plain wrong!! And this answers the Question as to why our popular Preachers do not tell us about Paul calling Antichrist "Anomos."

Daniel's Position on Antichrist
Daniel prophesied concerning Antichrist, saying he would, "Think to change the Times and the Laws" (SeeDan.7:25). So, we know what Law that Paul had in mind when calling Antichrist, "Anomos," which means that we know Daniel was also referring to God's Law.

Are our Popular Ministers concerned that if their congregations were told the meaning of ANOMOS, and if they discovered that Paul said Antichrist would do his work of, "Thinking to change the Times and the Laws," before Jesus comes to take His people to Heaven, and what if their congregations discovered that Antichrist's Mark of the Beast probably will be directly tied to his attempts to annul or change God's 10 Commandments? The, "Cause for Pause" here is all too apparent. 

Christ's References to "Anomia,"    
Add to this the fact that, on three separate occasions, Jesus specifically used that word, "Anomia," Law Annulling, to identify exactly the delusion that, "False Prophets," would use from the very beginning of the Church. In our Website, "The Name of Antichrist," we examine in detail these three warnings. The texts all contain the word, "iniquity," and in each text the original word is, "Anomia." The Verses are, Matt.7:21-23, Matt.13:41, and Matt.24:11-12.   

In the Sermon on the Mount, the first Sermon recorded from Jesus, He said, "Whosoever, therefore, shall break one of these LEAST Commandments, and TEACH MEN SO, shall be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matt.5:19). Does this, "Teaching Men So" match up with the three times Jesus warned of False Prophets, "Teaching Anomia?" And is this directly connected to the Mark of the Beast? And does this tie into the popular doctrine of "Grace Frees Us to Disobey God's Law?" And is this a "Cause for Pause?"  Every Bible Prophet, including Jesus, that warned us about Antichrist made it abundantly clear that Antichrist would aggressively attack God's Law!! It would be sheer folly to ignore all of this! It's in Scripture, in plain sight! Again, see our Website "Antichrist's Name" Dear Reader, please make this a matter of Prayer and Bible study!

Cause for Pause 12 - The New Covenant
Pre-Trib says that when Jesus established the New Covenant at His Last Supper, He didn't really establish it for the Church, but set it up exclusively for the Jews after He Raptures the Church into Heaven. But, Jesus said the New Covenant is specifically and exclusively for His Church! He established it with His 12 Disciples, the Founders of His Church. So why does Pre-Trib say this New Covenant is not for the Church, and is ONLY for Jews left behind after Jesus Comes? What if Pre-Trib is incorrect, and the Covenant is exclusively, specifically, and only for the Church? Can the Church be "Zapped Away" when it's time for the New Covenant to be enacted and displayed for a, "Witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come" (Matt.24:14)? If the New Covenant is for the Church, what must Christ's Church do? Isaiah prophesied that, "Breaking the Everlasting Covenant" is one of three sins for which Jesus, at His Coming, will utterly"destroy earth's inhabitants" (See Isa.24:5)!

 Satan is attempting to get the Church to discard the New Covenant because the New Covenant explains the ONLY way Jesus can return and take His people home. Satan knows the Power available to true New Covenant Believers. He knows that when Christ's Church accepts this Power, the people will truly, "REFLECT THE CHARACTER OF JESUS" and when the Nations of the World "Witness" (Matt.24:14) this reflection of Christ's Character, Satan and his demons will suffer massive defeat. The "end comes" and Jesus returns to take His people to the "place He PREPARED!! Satan and his demons will begin their 1000 year prison sentence in their Bottomless Pit !!

To see what the Bible says about this Power, see "The Power of the New Covenant." It is the MOST Important Website this author has written!! Also see "Why Jesus Waits." Unless we understand what we must do concerning the Coming of Jesus, none of this matters at all!  

There are 100s of "Causes for Pauses" we could explore. Following are more Un-Answered Pre-Trib Causes for Pauses. On these, we give no discussion, but direct you to other Websites for information and discussion. Thank you, Dear Reader, for your time!   
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Does any of this matter? Jesus said many will be lost because they did not heed His warnings about LAST DAY delusions. If we are in the LAST DAYS, then THESE THINGS DO MATTER, BIG TIME!!!

Thank you DEAR READER for reviewing this Site. Below are Blogsites that look deeper into all of these "Causes for Pauses." Just about any Question concerning Last Day Events is covered in one of the Websites below. If you have a question not covered, please contact us. We'll do our best to answer. Please check them out and please send us your comments. Let's continue to Pray for God to send His Spirit to guide us as we prepare for Jesus to come soon!  
Your Brother in Christ
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